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Boat RKM 350

Boat RKM 350

Price: 3,680.00лв.
Yerliyurt 460 BD

Yerliyurt 460 BD

Price: 12,350.00лв.
Kayak Fish-n-Go

Kayak Fish-n-Go

Price: 2,587.00лв.




Price: 15.00лв.
Universal Lock FASTen

Universal Lock FASTen

Price: 26.00лв.
Fastener for movable seats

Fastener for movable seats

Price: 25.00лв.

Platform FASTen (100*100 mm) for fishfinder and optional equipment

Code: 815

This is used to mount fishfinders ,photo/video equipment, GoPro cameras,, video recorders and other equipment.To install equipment on the platform, standard fasteners are used. It is quickly installed and reliably secured in the universal Fs219 mount.

  • Manufacturer: FASTen
  • Weight: 0.125 Kgs

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Platform FASTen (100*100 mm) for fishfinder and optional equipment:
Price: 30.00лв.
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Code Sl223
Dimensions 106*97*68mm
Net Weigh 125 g
Сolor Black  Sl223
  Gray  Sl223G


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