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Keep food and beverages cold with this Igloo 25-quart Marine Contour. He is ideal fishermen, yachts and boats. This marine cooler is featured and is designed for use in a dock or a boat. It can be attached to the deck with a rope using the chute located in the handles.
It is made to withstand wet, sunny and salty conditions. 25-quart Marine Contour has UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage.
It also has a raised design to improve cooling efficiency.
This model includes side handles that are not slippery, grip-free, easy to lift and load, and a cast-off meter to measure fish caught.
It fits perfectly into a small boat and in the back of a kayak.
* For insulation, Ultratherm® material is used to guarantee the long-term preservation of ice and cold in the box.
* Side handles that are not slippery, comfortable to grasp,
* The interior has an antimicrobial coating that does not contain stains, odors and mold. Easy to clean
* UV protection
* Weight: 2.600 kg
* Volume: 23 liters
* Holds 36 cans of beer or soft drink
* External dimensions:
You can use coolers or directly pour ice into it.

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Price: 125.00лв.

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